Salon Policy

Dear customer please,
Be advised that the styles in magazines or seen on others may vary based on each person and perception. We do not guaranty that our designs will look exactly same as in magazines or others models you bring at the salon. We encourage customers to make suggestions, comment, and ask questions while service is being rendered in order to avoid last minute dissatisfaction.

  1. Rendering and duration. We do our best to provide an outstanding service to please you in a timely fashion. Though we strive to minimize the time, we cannot be liable for inconvenience due to delays or tardiness.
  2. Tardy policy. Customers are encouraged to call in tardiness at least one hour in advance. If the customer shows up late, he may experience a delay in her service starting.
  3. Hair Selection. We carry handpicked quality hair extension and imported genuine human hair and encourage you to purchase one of our hair. However, you may bring your own hair, up to you.
  4. Natural hair and texture. For any type of braids, the price may be increased if your hair is too short or too long.
  5. Sensitive scalp. Bintou’s Hair Braiding & Weave let you know that any type of hairstyles may hurt and irritate the scalp for some people.
  6. Time and way of payment. For security reasons, we expect to be paid at least, after 20 minutes we have started. You may pay in CASH or DEBIT CARD (Visa, MasterCard only). Card payment will charge you $ 3.00 extra
  7. Refund issue. We do not either refund service charge fees, or do we refund products prices.  Only exchanges are allowed for products.
  8. Braid out. We take your hair out as a convenience to you, however the service will be charged.
  9. Touch up. We do. The service has to be evaluated at the salon. Braids will be taken out and the price will be fixed in commitment with braiders. Bintou’s Hair Braiding & Weave recommends to customers wanting touch up to wash and dry braids, before braiders proceed.
  10.  Children & Accompanying parties. For safety and convenience, we encourage our customers to please limit the number of accompany parties to one. For safety of your children, we do not advise to bring them, excepted if they are clients, or if you must for any. Please let us know in advance.
  11. For the privacy of our female clients, we ask to men who are not serviced to please make arrangements to wait for their party at a different location.
  12.  Privacy and use and cell phone. To guaranty the privacy of your conversation, please keep it all-private.
  13.  Tabacco, Alcohol and Others substances. In respect of the state laws and county ordinances, we advise our customers to abstain from using alcohol, cigarette, or any other unlawful substance while on our premises.

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