Hairstyles & Pricing

We provide hair for braids, and twists. However, we are welcome to bring your own hair, it will be $10 to $20, less on the regular price. You need to understand that you might be charged an extra from $10 to $20, if your hair is too short, or if your hair is too long for Micro Braids, and Invisible.We do not provide extensions for saw-in.

Children benefit a special price for any type of hairstyles.

  • Weave (sew-in, invisible part, net weave, half weave…) from $85 to $100
  • Braids:
    - Micro Braids with Human Hair $ 160
    - Micro Braids with African Pony $150
    - Single Braids / Box-Braids with hair from $150 (depends on the lenghts)
    - Tree-Braids with Body Wave, or African Pony) $140
    - Invisible braids with Human Hair from $170 
  •  Twists:
    – Kinky with hair $ 140
    – Senegalese, Marley, Havana, Nubian $150
  • Touch-up from $55 to $75. For Touch-up, we remove the braids or twists, and re-do it. However, if you remove your hair by yourself, it is better to come in the shop to fix the price.
  • Cornrows and flat twist:
    – Cherokee cornrows / invisible cornrows  with hair from $85 (depends on the complexity of the style)
    – Feeding cornrows with hair from $85
    – Goddess /Gardys Braids with hair +/- $85  (depends on the complexity of the style)
    – Flat twist (depends on the complexity of the style)
  • Natural Hair
    - Finger comb
    – Cornrows
    – Flat twist
    – Twist from
    - Dreadlocks (start locks, lock maintenance, lock hairstyle…) from 
  • Buns (wedding buns…) $50. You must bring your own hair, and decorations. 
  • Braid Out $45
  • Others services:
    - Shampoo, conditioner, styles…) from $10. Be specific